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Noninvasive Glucose Monitor-ESERDIGITAL


ESER G2 Mobile-Noninvasive Glucose Monitor

What we have done?

Compared with the first generation product (Health Computer), ESER G2 Mobile-Noninvasive Glucose Monitor is a portable, individual using product, it has elegant design, well hand fitting, friendly user interface.


With wireless Bluetooth technology built into the new device,  it can securely send vital glucose information directly to an app on iOS or Android mobile/tablet. It is simple to clip your finger for 60 seconds, and the result will be transferred and displayed on your screen.


ESER G2 has done calibration in factory, it is no need to do calibration any more before you use, and you can test as often as you like without having to worry about the cost or pain.


This device is not intended to be a diagnostic device. Contact your physician if hyperglycemia or hypoglycemia is indicated. 

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