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Noninvasive Glucose Monitor : ESERDIGITAL


Customer Service


ESER stands by its products and is dedicated to supporting our customers well beyond the initial point of sale. We believe customer satisfaction is the benchmark of our success, and have worked hard to ensure quick, quality help for our customers. We are happy to assist you via email at We are available Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 6 pm. Our factory service center is located in Shenzhen and Dongguan, China.


Our Promise


ESER strives to rise beyond expectations. We are committed to providing:

  • Fast Turnaround: Our certified technicians are among the best at diagnostic and repair work, with typical turnaround time of one or two days.
  • Quality Repairs: We maintain the highest standards, with repairs performed by expert technicians using only factory-authorized, genuine parts.
  • No-hassle Fees: Warranty repairs are performed at no charge. Non-warranty repairs are performed at a flat rate that includes parts and labor.
  • Expert Advice: Our trained technicians will gladly assist you in troubleshooting any issues that arise.
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